Wyatt & Krissy

Brought up expecting to take over the family farm, Wyatt Gentry said no, married his high school sweetheart - the lovely, Krissy Sugardale - and moved to the sleepy, little
town of Sunset Valley. Working his fingers to the bone, Wyatt built their soon to be, "fa
mily home", and provided for them by becoming his own farmer and gardener.

Their Backstory ~ 

Wyatt Gentry was brought up mostly to be a rancher; working day and night, tirelessly on his family's land. Waking up early to feed the pigs, milk the cows, wrangle in the horses. But Wyatt really wanted to be a farmer. Till the land. Plant fruits and veggies. Crop that he could use not only for himself and maybe a future wife & family, but sell to the local market. Ohhhh, but that seemed so far away.

Krissy Sugardale, was Riverview's reigning Miss Buttercup. Krissy dreamed of the day when she could shed her "good girl" image, and finally get down and dirty. In the natural dirt, of course. Krissy wanted to marry a FARMER, one day.

Years go by, Wyatt and Krissy each do their thing for a while, and one day, there just happened to be another Southern County beauty pageant in town. Seeing as Krissy was now a former beauty queen, she was asked by Riverview's present town mayor to judge this year's event. Krissy had accepted. And guess who just happened to be the supplier --tho, rather a small amount -- of the garden baskets to be given to the finalists? Yup. Good ol' Wyatt.

Wyatt courted Krissy for several years following the pageant, and when the time was right, he proposed to her. Wyatt's dream to become a true farmer and live and cultivate the land, was finally becoming a reality. It didn't hurt when Krissy had said yes, either! She got what she wanted as well. A FARMER.

And now, the two of them can live happily ever after, in the house that Wyatt worked tirelessly day and night to build. Just for them.

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