Wyatt and Krissy were enjoying each other's company so much, that when Wyatt suggested he build their home, Krissy was ecstatic. Watching her man measure twice, cut once, hammer each nail, paint the walls - of which, Krissy helped do - and piece together each board. Their dream home was soon a reality. (( tho, it took several months to complete ))

But, now that they did have a home of their own, it was time to get "down to business". Along with building their home, Wyatt also built a small chicken coop for the chickens he brought from home. (( how else were they going to HOW to get fresh eggs, if they didn't start with their own chickens? )) The chickens were Krissy's job. Wyatt, using some of the leftover seeds he had, planted their garden. The garden was his domain.

Here's a few pictures of their life together, on their farm. And the night they went fishing for the garden.

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