Donny & Salem

Donny is a witch. But not your ordinary witch. He's a guy, and prefers to be called a warlock. Cross him, and he'll whip his wand out and curse you. Be friends, and he just might help you with that vampire problem. Salem, on the other hand.... well, let's just say that he will defend Donny's actions! At one time, Salem used to be a human. But since becoming a familiar, Salem loves the fur-life much more. No more "having to get up" to go to work. Will these two wreak havoc on the town? Or, will they both use their "witchy ways" to help the population grow?
Donny w/ Salem Salem
Donny Salem the cat

Download Donny & Salem HERE. You can also download the house WITH Donny & Salem!! The Dragon's Nest with household


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